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Team building program at TM LEB

Transmed Lebanon had the utmost engaging 2-day team building program!The 1st day included experiential learning via gamification and team-building activities, moderated by STARMANSHIP® & Associates. Our team had the opportunity throughout this experience to get exposed to blended learning around a growth mindset, creative and analytical thinking, breaking through perceived limitations, and adopting a strategic mindset to contend with challenges and unforeseen situations.The 2nd day, led by our Talent Development team, involved a more in-depth module elucidating an expanded perception of developing and sustaining a high-performing team. In addition to brain-stimulating hands-on-learning activities incorporated to boost analytical & critical thinking, paving the way to maximizing problem-solving and decision-making. Followed by a goal-setting plan for the coming year led by our Country Manager – because nothing beats kicking off a new year by identifying previous pain points and establishing a better clearer vision for our upcoming accomplishments!Special thanks to everyone who made it happen:– Our Country Manager for bringing us, all band together, to believe and lead by having the Transmed purpose always in mind– Lebanon Transmed team, our beautiful people, for bringing your sense of ownership, and team bonding spirit to this get-together event. You are our priority and key secret ingredient to our continued growth and success!– Our Talent Development Team for the remarkable event planning, for the stimulating informative module content, and mostly for the positive vibes spread amongst all– STARMANSHIP® & Associates for delivering an interesting nontraditional learning and development program, synched with forward-looking international trends made to prepare our today’s professionals for success long into the future– Le Royal Hotel for the exceptional hospitality, comfortable night stay accommodation, and banqueting services“Feel Like a Family, Play Like a Team!” this is our Spirit, this is who we are!