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The team spirit, competitiveness, cheering and support, and respect for the game and opponents irrespective of the result is proof that no matter how diverse we may be, we are one BIG team, one BIG Family focused to execute with excellence in an agile, respected, and principled manner!!A BIG THANK YOU to the agility of our organizing committee, the resilience of our players, and the loud and proud support of every Transmedian, and their families who showed up to cheer our players..Congratulations to the winners and to the participants who made us all Proud with their participation and achievements, and kept the Transmed flag flying high!!Our ladies football team won a Gold in their very first appearance, totally Inspirational & Courageous,Muhammed Sadhik brought home a Gold medal in the 100m Running (above 40+), truly Agile & Respected!Jad Abou Hamdan muscled his way to grab a silver trophy in Men’s fitness competition, truly Progressive!Men’s cricket team won us a shining Silver trophy, truly Principled!Men’s Basketball team got us another Silver trophy, truly Progressive!Rahul Mohnani with his consistency & persistence won Bronze in Men’s table tennis, truly Resilient!Our players in the mixed doubles Volleyball, and Men’s Badminton doubles gave a courageous performance to finish fourth in their respective divisions.2024 Games, Bring it On!!!