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Carrefour UAE WINNER of the Carrefour GLOBAL AWARD

Transmed UAE earned the P&G Carrefour Global Award for being the best in the class market across 30 different competing markets across the globe for FY 21-22. This prestigious award is driven by historical sales fundamental improvements achieved by the Carrefour team. Despite all the challenges the team came across, they were Progressive and Agile to make anything possible. This achievement was backed by the support of Transmed’s category team that designed plans customized for Carrefour as well as the Operations team that excelled in executing the plans! We believe in growing hand in hand with our customer partners as we celebrate this new milestone with Carrefour.History is made, with many more records to come!The above award is a true testament that Transmed has once again raised the bar by continuously Executing With Excellence and bringing Transmed’s DREAM come true of becoming the number 1 GLOBAL DISTRIBUTOR.Congratulations to the team!