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C8 Award: Celebrating Excellence at Transmed UAE.

Congratulations to Shamma Al Hosani the exceptional lady, who is part of our MASIRATI program, for receiving our prestigious C8 award!
C8: Celebrating Excellence at Transmed.
At Transmed, we believe in recognizing and rewarding excellence, and that’s why we’ve introduced C8, a program dedicated to honoring our extraordinary Transmedians who consistently go the extra mile.
MASIRATI: Empowering Emirati Talent for a Bright Future.
At Transmed, we recognize the importance of contributing to the long-term Emiratization initiative set forth by the UAE Government. #MASIRATI is designed to empower Emirati talent and provide them with the tools and opportunities needed for a prosperous future.
With C8 and MASIRATI, we are committed to recognizing excellence within our team and actively participating in the UAE’s vision. Together, we celebrate achievements, nurture talent, and build a brighter future.