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Yes Acquisition

On May 29, 2015 - Transmed announced today the 100% acquisition of the YES brand from P&G!  We are very pleased to make this announcement as this acquisition represents a defining moment for Transmed and an emotional milestone for the company. Transmed manufactured the YES brand in the early 1950s in Lebanon and now it's moving back to its original home.

Better known for the ‘Abou Fouad’ commercial, the YES brand has deep roots in Lebanon and enjoys one of the highest distribution figures across the trade with leading shares in its category. Almost every household has a YES bag, which is synonymous with the ‘3 in 1’ promise of washing, cleaning and dishwashing. YES enjoys a strong brand equity and heritage mostly among the older generations and the younger consumers.

It is our vision to build the franchise on solid foundations across the Levant offering our consumers a convenient and simple cleaning proposition. We leave you to enjoy one of the older commercials, which helped build the brand many years ago: