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Transmed UAE Awarded ‘Distributor of the Year’ by GOJO Industries, Inc

The trend of scooping up awards continues, with a very special award from our partner GOJO Industries, Inc. TRANSMED UAE won the “Distributor of the year” award for the achievements we’ve made during the past year with the very well known hand sanitizer brand PURELL .

GOJO Industries, Inc. is the leading global producer and marketer of skin health and hygiene solutions for away-from-home settings. Their broad portfolio includes hand cleaning, handwashing, hand sanitizing and skin care formulas under the GOJO®, PURELL® and PROVON® brand names.

In the picture: Fady Chehade (VP at Gojo), Hani Kiwan (GM of Transmed UAE), Kunal Bhatia (Category Manager at Transmed), Rahul Mohnani (Beauty & Grooming Team Leader at Transmed) and Ronnie Pegna (Owner of Richmond Enterprises)

TRANSMED UAE had a successful year growing their turnover on Purell with 2.5 times as compared to 2013; which was one of the highest growth rate achieved in the MEA region. The major improvements in distribution and making the brand more accessible was also recognized by Fady Chehade, Vice President of International Operations for Gojo Industries who presented the Transmed team with the award. He was thankful for having a partner such as Transmed, which pioneers in ensuring brilliant visibility in retail channels. During the award ceremony our team presented a best case practice session to the various distributors in the MEA Region to replicate in their respective markets.

In the picture: Fady Chehade (VP at Gojo), Kunal Bhatia (Category Manager at Transmed) and Ronnie Pegna (Owner of Richmond Enterprises)

A special recognition award was also handed out by the Gojo team for ‘Most Innovative Marketing’ to Kunal Bhatia, Category Manager for Purell at Transmed, in helping build the brand equity and awareness across the UAE on this brand. From creating initiatives, to ensure market visibility across stores to penetrating new channels, he helped push the brand to new heights than ever before.

PURELL’s project is still ongoing, as TRANSMED UAE is working tirelessly to ensure that Purell becomes the no.1 hand sanitizer brand in retail channels in UAE.