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Transmed U.A.E’s Operation: “Magnify”

- Magnifying availability, frequency, service & visibility - 

Ever since they entered the U.A.E market, Kellogg’s managed to launch many products with simple tasting campaigns and events. Although those campaigns were successful, the exposure and visibility was momentary and brief. As Kellogg’s distributor and partner, Transmed U.A.E decided to jointly tackle this matter with Kellogg's, through well-studied and strategic outdoor events!


These campaigns, especially the outdoor events play a vital part in building the brand because they allow the consumer to try our products and live a memorable experience, which will grow with them forever. Dubai Sport City, Kidzania & Sega Republic were our main locations; perfect venues that attract over 650,000 visitors monthly from Kids & Families.

But our challenge wasn't just to ensure exposure and to build our partner’s brand; we wanted to make it a revenue seeking investment with a profitable outcome.

Thus we bring you… OPERATION: “MAGNIFY”

Our strategy revolved around 4 variables: Product Availability, Customer Service, Call Frequency and Product Visibility… with a MAGNIFIED approach! Each one of these variables became a fully equipped Hub spot, with dedicated teams internally and on the field.

Our dedicated sales team impeccably focused on product availability and customer service. Everyone at Transmed was so involved that they made sure to visit the events spots on a daily basis; from the sales executives, sales managers, brand team, and even the company’s general manager. We setup a customer call center for daily checkups on availability, service issues, or pending orders in order to boost the sales capacity. Last but not least, our partners know how much we focus on training so we dedicated special training sessions led by our sales managers focusing on excellence, customer service & selling tactics.


This was a brief glimpse of how Transmed handles a partner’s event, or any new product activation! If you think we over did it… well think twice because this is only the beginning!