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Transmed Turkey introduces its new brand “KRABİ”

We’re not only different, we are making the difference!


In Transmed Turkey, we are dedicated to import and distribute brands that people love; therefore, all our brands are in the niche category for Turkey, like Kikkoman, Tabasco, Lindt, Lotus, De Cecco and other world’s well-known brands.

Beside these brands, Transmed Turkey also creates and innovates its own brands that bring new value to the market.


We are happy to announce Transmed’s innovated new brand “KRABİ”, which proudly became a national brand distributed in the most prestigious clients in all cities around Turkey.


“KRABİ” is our unique chocolate crunchy spread to the world. With its three flavors, it will be added to Transmed’s portfolio along with the other brands. From the concept of the initial formula until finding the producer, and with the cooperation with the Corporate Marketing Team, “KRABİ” is now referenced in the biggest retailer in Turkey Migros at 1200 stores. Together with KRABİ and Transmed Brands, we aim to meet 20% of our total turnover end of 2021!


This would not come true without our Business Development team who already created “DFS” foodservice brand, “COSTA CALİDA” Mexican brand, “ECOLIFE” Organic Coconut Range, “GREEN TREE” Vegan & Gluten Free brand, “BOOST” Health and sports brand, “SUN-G” Far eastern products.


And finally, thanks to our Import Department, who have the credits to make this ready to be distributed in the Turkish market and helped us for the food regulative process.