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TM Turkey Foodservice Launches !

In the first week of February, TM Turkey succeeded in making project come to life! During the pandemic, and the shutdown of restaurants, people’s life and businesses were affected negatively, yet with Transmed we make opportunities out of crisis, to touch people’s life and make the world a better place.

“ŞefimYanımda” which means My Chef is Next to Me, is our brand new project that makes cooking at home a special experience with world’s various cuisines.

We send our customers a well-prepared kit, that includes cooking materials with the related menus, recipes, production videos along with the contact details of our operation’s chef, all delivered right to people’s homes. HoReCa teams worked hand in hand in every stage of the project.

Business Development, Private Label, E-Commerce, Sales and Category, Finance & Accounting and Warehouse all contributed to the realization of this project. This achievement could not be done without the contribution of all teams! Bringing this project to life in times where the HoReCa industry is in crisis, makes us proud to be part of this great achievement, and reflects our courage, agility, and resilience.

We progressively innovated solutions and realized a brand new project from scratch, to comply with the market’s needs.