We offer an attractive and unique opportunity for young graduates as well as for experienced professionals to be part of a fast growing, progressive and entrepreneurial organization. They have the opportunity to work with our multinational business partners to learn and re-apply the best in class and the latest know-how in the FMCG business. We nurture an entrepreneurial culture built on trust, a sense of ownership and freedom of action. We offer equal opportunities to get promoted and grow within the company based on your performance. We are continuously looking for people who think outside the box, dream big, thrive on change and innovation for today and tomorrow.

Years of History


Sales & Marketing Manager | Jordan
HR Manager | Nigeria

I joined Transmed Nigeria in December 2015 as Human Resources Manager. Transmed is a unique workplace as it allows people to grow and develop their careers. Our advanced platforms and excellent work ethics bring out the best in our people. Although Transmed in Nigeria is still young but has a lot of potential for growth because we can leverage on Transmed's over 70 years’ regional experience. I would recommend candidates to join us because it is a value-driven company, and we always aim to keep improving & growing our people. [2017] #ProudTransmedian

Operations Senior Accountant | Lebanon

What I like best about working in Transmed is its ever-increasing learning curve that plays an important role in people development thus in turning me into the professional I am today. The company is growing significantly which is exposing me, year after year, to new challenges, removing all aspects of routine work. In addition to the formal aspect, I simply look forward to coming to work every morning where I am welcomed by a fun and friendly atmosphere. [2017] #ProudTransmedian

Personnel Manager | Lebanon

Transmed is my second home in which I celebrate my 32nd anniversary this year. My journey started back in 1985 as a senior accountant in the F&A department and currently I am the Personnel Manager in the HR Department. What is special and unique about our company is the wise management and the family culture we have across all departments. My advice to all young graduates is to trust Transmed and learn as much as possible from it since it is a school in which you can acquire ownership, passion for work, dedication, patience, ambition and the list goes on. [2017] #ProudTransmedian.

Warehouse Manager | Lebanon (Choueifat)
HR Generalist | UAE

My journey at Transmed began with an internship role in the HR department and within no time, recognizing my potential, I was given the chance to join this amazing team. My colleagues and mentors have helped bring out the best in me, and all this is proof to Transmed treating its people as the most important asset. With our passion for winning and the confidence we have in each other, we face all challenges successfully. I am proud to be part of this team I call my family. [2017] #ProudTransmedian

Distribution Centre Manager | Jordan

Transmed is a committed leader in many areas of innovation. It provides me with exceptional skills to be highly competent throughout my career and it fights ambiguity by setting for all its employees a clear path to success. A company that is this large also has a large heart: Transmed cares about its employees and it shows! I would recommend Transmed to everyone because this is the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a large-scale market while working with the best professionals out there. [2017] #ProudTransmedian

IT Business Support | Nigeria

I joined Transmed Nigeria in 2016 and I work in the IT department as the IT Business Support. Working at Transmed has given me the opportunity to interact with different teams, not only across West Africa, but from different parts of the world. With the cutting edge technologies that Transmed uses, I have had the opportunity to improve my technical skills in the area of Sales Automation and Applications. As an IT Business Support, I have learned to manage people and resolve issues efficiently. Last but not least, one of the beautiful things I love here is that Transmed operates as a family and this makes us unique as an organization, and thus, I am a #ProudTransmedian. [2017]

Category Manager | UAE
Corporate Senior Financial Analyst | Lebanon

I am based in Lebanon, but my main responsibilities consist of Group Consolidation and Monthly reporting and analysis of all of our markets’ financial results to give top management accurate data that support their strategic decision making. This means that from the comfort of my home country, Transmed exposes me to a diverse workforce through daily interactions with all our finance team members coming from different nationalities across multiple operations. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Associate CBD Manager | UAE

I have joined Transmed back in 2008 as an Account Executive. I moved to different roles since the organization gave me the opportunity to choose my own path and explore different areas of the business. Transmed has provided me with extensive training programs, leadership opportunities and great managers who have coached me to get to where I am. The culture here is to win via integrity, and it teaches you have to make the best out of any situation in order to be successful. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Personnel Officer | Ivory Coast

My adventure at Transmed Ivory Coast began with its start in 2011. It's very exciting and rewarding to have participated in the foundation of the company and after 5 years observe its progress through its diversified portfolio, its market expansion & its developing people. It is an enriching working environment as we have family members from France, Lebanon, Togo, Congo, Belgium and certainly Ivory Coast. I’m sure that a bright future awaits determined employees here. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Modern Trade Channel Manager | Lebanon
Business Application Senior Specialist | Lebanon

Working in a distribution company might not be the right place to start your career in IT, but it’s not the case in Transmed. Here, we have one of the most advanced technologies and we’re always on the hunt for the best tools available; this allows us to survive in a world where Technology is moving at a breakneck speed. Personally, Transmed gave me exposure to diverse cultures and business requirements as I had the opportunity to implement projects in various other operations. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Operations Manager | Senegal

I joined Transmed in 2011 as “Export Manager West Africa” and have been growing ever since. It’s very motivating to be part of the fastest expanding & leading distributor of global consumer brands in West Africa that offers exciting opportunities to young leaders. Whenever there’s an opportunity or challenge coming our way, we adjust our plans and jump right at it to make success happen. It is for these reasons and many more that I have been part of this family for 5 years now! [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Information Technology | UAE

Joining Transmed is one of the best decisions I’ve taken in my professional journey: Transmed didn’t just offer me a job but a career and an opportunity to learn and develop new skills. I am surrounded by dynamic and energetic individuals that make me feel like I can accomplish anything. I am experiencing here a professional yet fun environment and work-life balance is encouraged. This year is my 4th year in Transmed and I’m proud to say that Transmed is now part of who I am. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Key Account Manager | FoodService | UAE

“Recognition” is the word I look for in my career. Compensation has been and will always be a necessity, but the feeling of being recognized for my accomplishments, is priceless, and I am happy to say that in less than one year with Transmed I had that feeling several times. Constant support and encouragement have been part of my days and being surrounded by a great team, working towards the same goal, keeps feeding my hunger for great achievements within this organization. [2016] #ProudTransmedian

Trade & Category Development Manager | Lebanon

As a fresh grad in 2007, I joined the sales team in Beirut as an Account Executive. I have had the chance to get promoted 4 times to be where I am today, emphasizing on the importance of the “Promotion from Within” culture in Transmed. My journey here has shaped my professional personality: it transformed my passion into hard work, it developed me from an impulsive arguer to a productive negotiator, and it transformed me from an inexperienced career girl to a visionary working woman! [2016] #ProudTransmedian

General Manager | West Africa

This year I celebrate my 23rd anniversary at Transmed and what a journey it has been! Ever since my early days as a salesman in the UAE, I have been provided with opportunities for self-development, career progression and multi-faceted exposure. I have also had great mentors and have become one for many of my team members whom I am honored to develop as Transmed’s future leaders. The journey of Transmed in West Africa continues and I am proud to be at the heart of its success. [2016] #ProudTransmedian